Why does Laddy love yoga?

If you fall, I got you

~~ Yoga Mat


It is time for me to remove my shell.  

Yoga has been the key to awakening my true self (Atman as some may refer).  It has taken a long time for me to feel comfortable with….well, me.  

A little about myself.  I am originally from southern Virginia.  Bounced around for college and finally landed in the northeastern U.S.  when I accepted a job.  I first learned yoga from watching Inhale with Steve Ross.  I absolutely adored Steve Ross.  I love his style, ease and ability to connect with people.  When I was around 18, I would practice with Steve and my 3 year old niece, at the time, we would all arrive in  upward facing bow and warrior II together jamming to Caribbean riddims.  Steve Ross had me at “let’s do some yoga!”.

Fast forward, I dabbled in yoga throughout college and my blue yoga mat is still with me today.  Besides yoga, I am also a zumba freak, weekend tennis hack and gardener.  I listed those just to note other competing interests and potentially random topics that I may post about. *wink, wink*

In 2011, that’s when things took a real turn.  I fell straight down on my butt and broke my sacrum.  In case you may not know what that is, one, it hurts like hell and two, it is located above the tailbone (the thing most people break and I go and break the crazy big part atop it!!). The only thing I could think to do was yoga.  Not exactly what the doctor prescribed but I could not stand another day in physical therapy.  My forward fold was awful, I could barely touch my thighs.  Oh and did I mention, I also went for tennis lessons.  Definitely not smart, my back was literally on fire.  If it wasn’t for teacher training, I would have thought the fire chakra was located in my low back!

Eventually, I was able to continue practicing and reach my toes.  Not that reaching my toes was important but returning to former abilities was success in my mind.

Stress, a recurring jerk in my life, was another reason for seeking out yoga.  During grad school and even once I began working full-time, I would have episodes of shortened breaths and dizziness.  I realized that in times of stress, I was holding my breath.  The teachings of yoga and breath work (pranayama) reminded me of how to cope.  Recently, I was stuck on the subway for nearly 2 hours and yoga kept me sane.  Ujjayi pranayama allowed me to be call and not strangle anyone.  This is my testimonial! I didn’t get irate and go to jail.  I would say yoga works!

Lately, yoga has been my guide to manage stress about fertility.  It is hard to type this.  Just admitting this issue is tough because of the stigma.  I have become better with talking about it with other people who have experienced it and yoga calms my mind to refocus my energy into action instead of a dark hole of despair.  I now feel more confident about sharing what yoga has done and what it continues to do for me.

Thanks for reading all of this and I would love to hear from you!!  Now you know a little bit about me, tell me about you and what brought you to yoga.




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