I Need To Refill My Cup

Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare

~~ Audre Lorde

I need to refill my cup…”

What does this mean you may wonder.  Well, I have been feeling down.  I noticed that I have been battling a touch of depression.  Yes, it is raining but it is more than that.

I need to take charge of my life and recognize the power of the information that I expose myself to.  For example, I like a bit of trash TV and sometimes binge watch shows but when I do that I feel that I have wasted my time and it ultimately makes me anxious.

So I had take a self-assessment as to why I was feeling like my time was wasted.  When I am not learning, it is difficult for me to relax at times.  I could certainly offer myself balance but I clearly I have not been doing that.

Just a sec….had to do three oms just to get through this blog.  I am anxious…ugh.

OK…had to pull my mat out and just take a moment with myself.  Now, that my mind is clearer, I know what I need to do.

I am going to hang my tapestry and clean up.  

I had been distracting myself with other things from doing what I need to do.  After taking time to evaluate my thoughts, I feel that I know my path now.

It took me walking through these steps to clear my mind and I will share this with you.

  1. Acknowledge how you feel
  2. Ask yourself why do you feel this way
  3. Take a moment for yourself to sit or lay or perform a sun salutation
  4. Bring your hands to your heart (anjali mudra) and feel the rhythm of your heart
  5. Take as many cleansing breaths as you need
  6. Follow with three oms

Hope this mini practice helps.  It helped me today to wake up my mind to what I need to do.  It may be different next time but the ultimate suggestion is to take time to refill your cup.  Maybe refilling your cup is spending time with family, lighting a candle or enjoying your favorite tea.  Whatever you do.  Take care of yourself.

Be Compassionate To One Self in order to Show Compassion To Others.


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