Root Chakra

A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots

~~Marcus Garvey


When I first learned about the root chakra, I did not realize how much it pertained to a void that I have had in my life.  Though some daily challenges impede efforts to gain stillness but throughout my life I have felt a sense of wanting to know my ethnic identity.  As a descendent of a scattered population that experienced forced migration, the identity of my ancestors  and my history was suppressed and it contributed to feelings of emptiness. I was not grounded.  Learning about my culture, ancestry and history, as an adult, has made me mentally stronger.  I no longer feel inadequate, threatened or reduced to what others may project on me.  Learning about myself has given me roots and confidence to manage challenging, social situations.

In my daily life, I feel that the root chakra can serve as a reminder to eliminate thoughts of scarcity and counter the Western mindset that encourages stress and consumerism.  The root chakra also encourages me to accept and show gratitude to my body and nurture it through adequate nourishment and exercise.  The more I think about food and what I ingest, I become more conscious about my connection to food and the source of my meals.  In Wheels of Life, I love the idea of reading my “owner’s manual” to better develop food awareness and recognize that my body runs on energy not food and that energy can be found in other sources (i.e. love).

I have taken from the required reading that the root chakra is the source of my strength, mentally and physically.  As a practice, I will continue to ground myself by learning about my ancestry, mindfully eat and exercise.  I am the self-proclaimed family historian and I really enjoy knowing my family history so that makes it easy.  As for nutrition, I joined a fitness challenge at work.  In the first week, we had to eat at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies each day.  I never truly took note about what I was eating so I found this challenge to be in alignment with my goals to eat healthier and encourage better behavior.

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