Fire Chakra

The best thing you could is master the chaos in you. You are not thrown into the fire. You are the fire. ~~Mama Indigo

The third chakra, fire chakra, is located at the midline of the navel, symbolized by a yellow, radiating energy.

love-fireThe connection of metabolism and digestion to the fire chakra alerted me to issues that I have endured for years and have felt helpless to resolve.

Though I don’t feel that my third chakra is completely unhinged however, I do think there is room to strengthen this energy.  Just as I learned the 2nd and 3rd chakras are a partnership with the root chakra, I recognized that I have practically nothing yellow or orange in my possession. I can only account for my tiny sunset picture atop my headboard and my yellow wedding ring that reminds of the sun, connects me to my husband and what joined us from the start, tennis.

On a deeper level, I also recognize a more recent transition in my personal power. I am the youngest in my family and always felt unnoticed. As a child, I experienced abuse and trauma that led me to silence myself. I always hid myself and guarded my feelings to avoid disappointment in personal relationships and though I try to hide that pain, it resurfaced in my professional world. My job requires me to make connections and be vulnerable; if that was on the job announcement, the old me would never have taken it.

There was a pivotal moment at work that can take the responsibility for lighting the fire in belly. In a high stress environment, I was disrespected by a colleague and I was so embarrassed that I could see flames. I knew that any words that left my mouth, I would regret. I was frozen. Feeling helpless, my mind raced with anger, embarrassment and a haze of confusion. I was deeply hurt. The pain ensued when I divulged to my husband what occurred. I felt so low and I hated that this person had power over me, emotionally and professionally. I decided to speak up and file a complaint and despite it being a desk exercise without any real outcomes, that experience sparked my transition to have a voice.

I was not going to take anyone’s crap anymore. I have been accommodating to a fault and I will continue to be considerate but not at the risk of losing my dignity. After that experience, I felt empowered. It may have been easier and comfortable to keep my mouth shut but I could not live with myself knowing that this person was a bully and my silence only allowed it. To me, staying true to myself off the mat was critical in facing this challenging moment.

Ultimately, I found my voice because I want to look back on my life and be proud of the decisions I have made and the person that I have become. I never want to feel paralyzed by indecision again.

Here are a few quotes that may inspire you as it has inspired me in my fire chakra journey.

 “Our will increases strength with use”

“Power grows with sense of purpose for it gives us the direction that transforms mere energy into effective power”

Yoga strengthens my purpose. I speak my mind more and it feels great. I am still an introvert that plays an extrovert by day. However, I try not to bottle my feelings but instead address my concerns in a diplomatic way that is more inviting of a healthier discussion. It is a skill and it is sometimes easier said than done. As I witness my growth, finding my voice has been a combination of learning my ancestral roots, taking charge of my medical issues and standing up for myself. My fire is a work in progress…

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