What’s Love Got To Do With It

As you may know, I am Laddy of https://laddylovesyoga.com but one thing that folks may not realize about me is that love is not simply my affinity for a certain thing, person or lifestyle.  It is not merely an adjective. Love is actually my true last name.

Well…sort of.  And that is where the fun begins.

I realize that this exploration to better understand myself, my origins, my family has a very strong correlation with my root chakra.

On this road, I am learning not only about the Loves but also about my ancestry in America to Africa and then Europe. Whew…that is a lot but that is how most of our stories begin. It begins in a small town and then broadens to a global expedition of sorts.

My story begins with me but this is actually a love letter to my family, my ancestors and for the unborn children in my lineage for they may never have to wonder from whom they descend.

Join me on my genealogical journey to self.